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Gear Up for those Minnesota winters. 

Winter Sports

At Northern Pines, we provide the highest level of quality in all of our heating system installation projects, and all jobs are performed by highly-experienced contractors you can trust. We also aim to keep our prices reasonable and affordable, and we offer a variety of furnace systems to suit your needs and budget.  We invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our many experts, where we'll patiently answer any and all of your questions and discuss every stage of the process to help you determine your heating needs. So let's get started. 

Let’s face it. Your furnace doesn’t keep regular business hours. That’s why you need an expert who’s available whenever they break down. We offer 24-hour emergency HVAC repair service to fix your problem fast. We are your hometown comfort experts!


Regular maintenance can help keep your HVAC systems working at peak efficiency and prevent unexpected problems. Our maintenance services will keep your equipment running smoothly for years to come. Our certified technicians will perform a full diagnostic, change your filter and keep you apprised of any potential issues we foresee.

Northern Pines will put our training and experience to work to maintain or repair your furnace, whether it’s a mini split or forced air heating system. We have plenty of brand knowledge and are ready to serve you!

Repair or Replace?

There comes a point when your older furnace begins to need repairs. Sometimes, it's difficult to decide whether or not it's worth repair costs vs. equipment replacement. By replacing your older system, which is very costly and inefficient to operate, you can avoid the high heating bills. Some gas furnaces over 15 years old can drain the money right out of your pocket, wasting up to 45% of the heat they generate.

We use top of the line high-efficiency equipment, designed to save you money on high energy costs. Most importantly, we are able to help you make an educated decision whether to repair or replace your system. 

Interested in In-Floor Heat?

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